Adult Education

Scholars of the Scroll

Saturdays at 9:15 a.m.
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Newcomers are always welcome! Click on the link or call the number (to join with audio only) to join our virtual space as we study the parsha each week. See this link to a PDF study sheet to download as a resource for our time together.

Online Classes with Rabbi Norry

Weekly Wednesday Classes with Rabbi Norry
“Five Remarkable Objects in the Torah”

Wednesdays, October 21 – November 18 at 6:45 pm

Join us following Wednesday Minyan for Rabbi Norry’s weekly classes by clicking here.  (It’s the same link as the minyan.) Each week, Rabbi Norry will cover a remarkable object found in the Torah. These objects not only pop up in various stories, but also play a major role in their respective mentionings. We will ask questions of each object like, “What is it? What is it made of?  Where is it?  Is this an object there is many of or just one of? What role does it play in the story?”

BZ Book Club

Due to safety precautions surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, the Book Club gatherings at Barnes & Noble have gone virtual.

Tuesday, November 24 at 10:00 am
Meeting ID: 841 9782 7577

The November book is Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. More than just a love letter, it draw on intimate access to Ginsburg’s family members, close friends, colleagues and clerks, as well as an interview with the Justice herself.
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If you are using a smart phone to join with video, the equivalent to our passcode (book) is 2665.

BZ Book Club: Past Titles

Tuesday, October 27 at 10:00 am
Meeting ID: 841 9782 7577

Our BZ book club is kicking off the last Tuesday of this month with Florence Adler Swims Forever. Join us via Zoom! Sit down virtually with fellow book club members and enjoy a cup of coffee, a snack and discussion of an incredible novel.
Click here to join, and use the passcode: book
If you are using a smart phone to join with video, the equivalent to our passcode (book) is 2665.

Tuesday, May 26 at 2:30 pm.
The Woman Who Fought an Empire : Sarah Aaronsohn and Her Nili Spy Ring  by Gregory Wallance
Though she lived only to twenty-seven, Sarah Aaronsohn led a remarkable life. The Woman Who Fought an Empire tells the improbable but true odyssey of a bold young woman–the daughter of Romanian-born Jewish settlers in Palestine–who became the daring leader of a Middle East spy ring. The Woman Who Fought an Empire, set at the birth of the modern Middle East, rebukes the Hollywood stereotype of women spies as femme fatales and is both an espionage thriller and a Joan of Arc tale.

April – Spies of No Country by Matti Friendman
Journalist and award-winning author Matti Friedman’s tale of Israel’s first spies reads like an espionage novel–but it’s all true. The four agents at the center of this story were part of a ragtag unit known as the Arab Section, conceived during World War II. Intended to gather intelligence and carry out sabotage operations, the unit consisted of Jews who were native to the Arab world and could thus easily assume Arab identities. Spies of No Country is about the slippery identities of these young spies, but it’s also about the complicated identity of Israel, a country that presents itself as Western but in fact has more citizens with Middle Eastern roots and traditions, like the spies of this narrative.

March 24 – Witness:Lessons from Elie Wiesel’s Classroom by Ariel Burger
Elie Wiesel was a towering presence on the world stage—a Nobel laureate, activist, adviser to world leaders, and the author of more than forty books. But when asked, Wiesel always said, “I am a teacher first.” Witness serves as a moral education in and of itself—a primer on educating against indifference, on the urgency of memory and individual responsibility, and on the role of literature, music, and art in making the world a more compassionate place.

February 18, 2020: A Bend in the Stars by Rachel Barenbaum
In Russia, in the summer of 1914, as war with Germany looms and the Czar’s army tightens its grip on the local Jewish community. Miri Abramov, a doctor,  and her brilliant physicist brother, Vanya, are facing an impossible decision. A Bend in the Stars offers a heartstopping account of modern science’s greatest race amidst the chaos of World War I, and a love story as epic as the railways crossing Russia.