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Steven Sherman
Steven Sherman, President of BZ
Shown with wife, Carolyn Sherman

Lay Leadership

Our President

Our president is Steven Sherman. Steven grew up in Lakewood, New Jersey until he was a teenager and his family moved to Connecticut. He graduated from the University of New Haven and worked in law enforcement before being recruited by the CIA where he and his wife, Carolyn, met. Steven retired from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in December 2009, after 23 years of operational experience conducting worldwide terrorist investigations.

The Shermans made Chattanooga their home in December 2009. Carolyn’s native New Orleans had been their original retirement destination, but Hurricane Katrina, and the losses suffered by Carolyn’s family, made a higher and drier location seem more prudent. They had visited Chattanooga on their travels and found its scenic appeal captivating. The Shermans have found B’nai Zion and Chattanooga to be warm and inviting, and are very active in the community. Steven is a guitar, trumpet, French horn, and banjo player.  

You can email Steven at BZPRES@comcast.net

Board of Directors

President: Steven Sherman
Vice Presidents: Dr. Bill Hillner, Jordan Parker, Fern Shire
Treasurer: Scott Israel
Secretary: Susan Leininger

Board Members:
Robin Balser, Isaac Barukh, Rob Cowan, David Fairchild, Isidore Frumin, Al Jarman, Jerry Kleinstub, Joe Kodsi, Matt Kodsi, Lauren Lebovitz, Beth Lowe, Bea Lurie, Susan Matzkin, Barbara Oxenhandler, Helen Pregulman, Rachel Privett, Jason Shuman, Ruth Votava, Jessie Fine (youth rep.)

Past Presidents: Owen Allen, Andrew Berke, Jerry Bogo, Dr. Michael Bonder, Lester Cohen, Dr. Reuben Dubrow, Irv Ginsburg, Howard Gropper, Lynn Hochman, Alan Lebovitz, Charles Lebovitz, Marcia Menuskin, Robert Siskin, Norman Slovis, Joel Susman, Jay Wiston


Without our volunteers, there would be no B'nai Zion.  It is as simple as that.  Volunteers are on the front lines in every aspect of synagogue operation.  Volunteers cover office reception in the mornings, making certain that when you call the synagogue or drop in that you find a real person.  You will find our volunteers on the bimah during services.  In the years when we had no rabbi, volunteers held our synagogue together.  Come to B'nai Zion and you will find volunteers in the kitchen, preparing the bulletin for distribution, changing out yahrzeit lights, seeing to the building maintenance.  You will find them behind the scenes in events committees, and sharing the load with the staff and clergy.  Whatever shines at B'nai Zion, you can be certain that a volunteer fulfilled at least one aspect of the finished result.