Messages from Rabbi Norry

April 28, 2021: Abraham, BZ, and B7. After traveling from his home far to the East, and after walking the entire length of the land of Canaan, Abraham finally settles by a well in the Judean desert. The descendants of Abraham live today in this same place, and it still carries the same name Be’er Sheva… Click HERE to read more.

February 26, 2021: The Haggadah is filled with the number four. Four cups of wine, four questions, four children. The fours are rooted in classical midrashic interpretations of the verses in the Torah that tell of the Exodus, as well as the inevitable questions that each generation of Jewish children have asked at the Passover seder: Why is this night different? Why do we do this? Why do we sing these unusual songs… Click HERE to read more.

January 29, 2021: If you want to be able to confront evil face to face, you must train your body to be strong, flexible and deadly. Evil confronts us physically with violence, threats and even lethal force. Rarely can such a threat be reasoned away… Click HERE to read more.

January 1, 2021: Everyone starts in the same place. In Taekwondo (and other Black Belt martial arts), everyone begins their learning as a white belt. Age, gender, size, and physical ability…none of these things matter. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your profession, you start out in the back row, as a white belt… Click HERE to read more.

December 5, 2020: In our solar system, the sun is in the center and our Earth travels in orbit around the sun. Each year is a single rotation of our planet around our anchoring star. As it travels through its orbit, our planet also spins regularly around its own axis; each rotation equaling one day. And not each daily rotation is identical… Click HERE to read more.

Press Release December 1, 2020– Not every rabbi can break boards with their bare hands or hit the bullseye at 25 yards. But Rabbi Hillel Norry is not your typical rabbi. As both a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (3rd Dan), and a certified firearms instructor, Rabbi Norry advocates self-defense training and teaches about the mental and spiritual aspects of martial arts, and embodies the expression, “Practice what you preach.” …Click HERE to read more.

October 2, 2020: A Shabbat Deficiency – When I was in middle school, I learned about the various explorers and adventurers who crossed the oceans to discover what they considered the new world. Like most students, I was shocked by the hardships and difficulties they endured and encountered as they set off beyond the horizon and made their way into uncharted territory… Click HERE to read more.

August 28, 2020: The Torah tells the story of the Jewish people as we move from the Garden of Eden to the edge of the Holy Land. But it is also tells the personal story of each and every Jew. In each generation we all journey from Eden to Israel…. Click HERE to read more.