Welcome to B’nai Zion Congregation!

Dear B’nai Zion,
Below you will see a statement from our joint BZ/Mizpah reopening committee, along with a list of programs that are going virtual or postponed due to Covid. Though this was not the kind of message I hoped to begin the new year with, it is one that honors the health and wellbeing of our beloved community. 
Wishing us all a year of joy, health, and blessing!
Rabbi Rotenberg
“In light of the rapid rise of Covid infections in our community, the Mizpah/B’nai Zion Reopening Committee met to review the current situation.  It was decided that the best course was to place a hold on in-person services for the next couple of weeks.  Our primary concern is the safety of all attendees.  We will reevaluate the situation mid-January.”
Dr. Frank Miller, Mizpah President                     Scott Israel, B’nai Zion President
Rabbi Craig Lewis                                              Rabbi Samuel Rotenberg
 All programs are TBD depending on the COVID situation.

Southern Schmooze is being postponed. Please keep an eye out for the new date. 

Contact Information

To contact Rabbi Rotenberg call 423.894.8900 or email rabbi@bzcongregation.com.
Rabbi Rotenberg is in the office everyday, but may be out of the building for meetings. You are welcome to drop by to say hi! It’s always a good idea to call or email him first to be sure he is in the office.

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