Other Reports March 21, 2021

Education Report by Tal Cohen

Our main Machanooga and BSI focus in the past month has been on Purim virtual
events and live Partnership2gether program with children in Israel.
From a long-term perspective our focus has been on the rabbinical search as our future
Rabbi will greatly impact our community education. We’ve had numerous discussions
with all of the candidates about our education and their potential involvement in our
Once the permanent Rabbi is hired we will together focus on the education strategy and
future plans.
Thank you,
Tal Cohen
VP – Education

Governance Report by Mark Shapiro

The Governance Committee started meeting the first of February led by
Lara Dorfman from Dynamic Change Solutions.
The Committee is comprised of Joel Susman, Rachel Hanan, Meryl Stark,
Rob Cowan, Jackie Rosenfeld, Scott Israel and myself.
To this point, the committee has discussed and make recommendations in
the following areas:
Board Structure
Roles and Responsibilities broken down into General Roles, Limitations,
Fundraising, Accountability/Evaluation, Officers e.g. President, Vice
President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.
Committees whether they are should be Standing or otherwise
Mark Shapiro
BZ Governance Committee Chairman