Rabbi Rotenberg’s November 2021 Recap

There were many successes from this past month. Here are some of the highlights:
11/3 – Jewish Medical Ethics Movie Talk
This was a community event that went extraordinarily well. After screening the movie “thou shall not
hate,” I led a medical ethics discussion which engaged about 40 people. The overall consensus was
that it was an excellent program, well prepared, and interesting for those in attendance

11/6 – Shabbat Muffins
This service was led by Keilah. Together, we engaged all of our young families for a high quality kids
program, and involved the parents and kids in the Saturday service

11/13 – Installation
A beautiful evening celebrating my arrival, and the new chapter in BZ history

11/15 – Financial meeting
Met with Scott and Alan to get a sense of our budget, our endowments, and our financial health

11/16 – Faith Leader Roundtable
Along with about 50 other faith leaders, attended Mayor Kelly’s gathering for local faith leaders. It was
a great opportunity to meet clergy from around the city, and get to know our mayor

11/17 – Bat Mitzvah Prep
Began meeting with Lilah Parker to prepare her for her bat mitzvah in Feb of 2023. This was a win, as
it was not certain if she would have a BZ or Mizpah Bat Mitzvah.

Throughout November:
Began meeting with Rabbi Perlstein to get a better sense of Chabad of Chattanooga. This is helpful
to understand the greater context for our families. I have a good relationship already with Rabbi
Lewis. My hope is that by having a good relationship with both rabbis, we will have more flexibility in
terms of our programming, and I will have a greater understanding of how BZ can distinguish itself.

Additional events:
Robert and Marney Cohen’s wedding
Multiple coffee and lunch engagement meetings
Pastoral visits
Birthday Calls
Target member calls
Foundations of Judaism
Kabbalat Shabbat and Saturday Services