Reports for February 3, 2022 Board Meeting

Ritual Group Report– Roy Rosenfeld

  1. Ritual – On December 30th Joint Mizpah B’nai Zion Re-opening Committee met on Zoom and decided to limit in-person activities. Since then all services have been on Zoom.
  2. Cemetery – Unfortunately during the past months the funerals for Lester Votava and Shelton Goldblatt occurred.
  3. High Holidays – Planning for this coming Fall’s High Holidays will start in the coming weeks and should begin by Passover.
  4. Kashruth – If the Super Bowl Party is allowed at Mizpah, creative plans will have to be implemented quickly to achieve a menu similar to the past.

Fundraising Report by Mark Shapiro

As of this report, the $100 board has sold out and some squares are available on the $50 board.  The Super Bowl party will take place on Sunday, February13th with the doors opening at 5:00.

A tremendous thanks to Alan Lebovitz, Barbara Oxenhandler, Howard Kaplan, and Michael Spector who are responsible for contacting people and making the fundraiser a great success.
Mark Shapiro, Chairman

Financial Report: Please see separate document