Board Meeting May 11, 2022 Reports

Financial Report – Alan Lebovitz

  • As of 2/28/22, total income is $42,000 and total expenses are $25,000 better than budget – Total net income running $66,000 ahead of budget.
  • Expect this variance to drop over the next few months
  • Expense comments:
    • Admin $7,500 positive variance due to savings
    • Total Labor $35k positive variance due to    No educator, Passover is in April, Rabbi’s contract.  Will end the year with a positive variance between $16K and $20K
    • Plant Operations $7k negative variance due to 2 months of old building utilities and moving costs.  Will end the year with a higher negative variance.
    • Religious and Social $12k negative variance due to extra HHD expenses, higher security expenses.  Will end the year with a higher negative variance.

Educational Update – Tal Cohen

What a fantastic time to be part of the BZ educational program!  It has been a busy month that highlighted Tu B’Shvat and Purim festivities.  The children and parents have been excited about the events/programs in the past month which was demonstrated by good attendance. 

Kudos to Rabbi Sam Rotenberg, Randi Weiss, Susan Caminez, and all the teachers who make this happen. 

Super Bowl 2022 – Mark Shapiro
Preparations for the High Holidays will begin after Passover in April.
Once again, Hila Brod will be our Cantor for the HHDs and will work with Rabbi Rotenberg.
Passover Preparations – Mark Shapiro
Services will begin at 6:30 and dinner will be served no later than 7:15.

Building Subcommittee – BZ Shared Space Committee – Alan Lebovitz

  1. 3/15/22 Zoom Meeting
  2. Attending: Rabbi, Tal, Mark, Beth, Scott, Alan.
  3. Committee Goal – Vet and budget needs to share space at Mizpah.
  4. Reviewed needs to include:  Elevator, kosher kitchen, dedicated chapel, larger rabbi office, location for memorial plaques, and BZ signage.
  5. Discussed other options including:  Separate entrance with sign, offices downstairs, Rabbi – ideally sees 1st floor chapel for 50 people – with offices upstairs, add TV monitor with scrolling BZ yahrtzeit list- on first floor.
  6. Follow-up:  Explore BZ signage locations, circulate draft drawings when finished.